The Romanian-American Heritage Center

The Purpose of The Romanian-American Heritage Center

… To promote, foster and encourage the understanding of the Romanian immigrant in the United States and his role in the social and cultural stream of American life; … To create and maintain a centralized place for the gathering of publications, literature and memorabilia relating to the Romanian immigrant; …To make available information about the Romanian immigrant and his impact on the democratic society of our country; …To print, publish, distribute and circulate books, pamphlets, periodicals, papers and magazines in connection with the activities of the Heritage Center; …To provide for the delivery and holding of exhibitions, public meetings and conferences calculated directly or indirectly to advance the understanding of the Romanian-American heritage in the United States. The Romanian-American Heritage Center is mainly an archive of historical records relating to Romanian immigrants. As such, it is interested in collecting and ensuring the presentation of any material or document pertaining to the Romanian-American ethnic group.

If you have or know the whereabouts of the following categories of historical documents, please contribute them to the Center.

Church Records

Register books for baptisms, marriages and funerals;

— Books or folders containing the minutes of the General Parish Assembly (Synods) and Parish Councils;

— Copies of charters and land contracts;

— Blueprints of finished construction projects;

— Membership lists, including the place of birth if available;

— Annual financial and activity reports;

— The records of auxiliary organi-

zations such as „Reuniunea Femeilor,“ AROY, choir, etc.;

— The records, programs and statistics of the catechetical schools (Sunday Schools);

— Correspondence files;

— Posters or pamphlets published and distributed at anniversaries, church consecrations and special occasions;

— Collections of parish bulletins;

— Photographs or photo albums (Please add all information such as: year when taken, locality, persons included, etc.).

Fraternal Romanian Societies, Clubs or Associations

Statutes and By-laws;

— Minutes (Procese Verbale);

— Membership lists;

— Programs, anniversary booklets;

— Activity reports;

— Financial reports;

— Burtons, badges and shoulder sash;

— Photographs (mention date when taken, location and known persons included in them);

Individual and Family Records

— Old passports – immigration and Naturalization papers;

— Family history;

— Diaries;

— Correspondence (in particular letters exchanged with family relatives or friends in the old country);

— Scrapbooks;

— Old photographs (indicate date, location, subject);

— Tickets or papers related to travels to Romania.

Books and Periodicals

— All books written by or about the Romanian immigrant in America;

— Books on any subject, authored by Romanian-Americans;

— Books about Romania or Romanian affairs written and published in the United States or Canada;

— Manuscripts, published or not published;

— All Romanian newspapers, edited, published and distributed in the United States or Canada;

— Doctoral dissertations.

The documents listed above and many others are spread throughout a

continent. Some are relatively well preserved and well protected by organizations or individuals. Many lie forgotten in such places as basements, attics, closets, garages. Time, humidity, heat, moths and rodents will take their toll. They are irreplaceable.

It would help the mission and the function of the Heritage Center if all our readers will pledge their help to locate, collect and preserve everything that could bring light and information about the Romanian immigrant in America.

Materials the Heritage Center Does Not Handle

Some of our friends offer for „upkeep“ at the Center, their private libraries, collections, Romanian costumes, etc.

Unfortunately, the Center is not able to handle such contributions.

First of all, the Heritage Center is not a Romanian museum, library or exposition hall. There are hundreds of places where Romanian costumes, artifacts, etc., could be seen and admired. The Heritage Center, however, is dedicated exclusively to the Romanian immigrant in America. What he did or does, what he made by his own hands, what he writes or what he experiences here in his adopted country is the object of our research. Notice

In order to properly register, catalog and preserve records contributed to the Heritage Center, please observe the following rules:

1. Put in writing all you know about the book, photograph, memorabilia, etc.

2. If a photograph, try to identify as many persons as you can. Write this on a separate sheet of paper.

3. Do not forget the name, the address and telephone number of the contributor.


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