” The Perils of Immigration ” by Kenneth Peacock

(Reproduced from Twenty Ethnic Songs from Western Canada, National Museum of Canada Bulletin No. 211, (Ottawa: Queen’ s Printer, 1966). Collected by Mrs. T. Koshetz, translated by Robert B. Klymacz).

1. America’ s like my sister and Canada’ s like a mother.

It’ s easy to earn good money in Canada.

2. It’ s good to live in Canada and the work is fine.

When Saturday comes, I get all dressed up;

3. With a tie round my neck and a pocket-watch displayed on my hip –

I reach into my pockets – and there’ s plenty of dollars!

4. But what good is all this money to me

When my wife keeps writing for me to return to the Old Coun­try!

5. I’ ll sit myself down for an hour or so

And write a letter to send it to my family.

6. I shall write the letter in black ink,

And my family will read it with tears and lament.

7. O Canada, Canada, how treach­erous you are!

You have separated many a wife from her husband,

8. Many a wife, and so many chil­dren! –

Who shall care for them over there in the Old Countrv?


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