The Heritage Center Holds General Assembly

On March 1st, 2007 the „Valerian D. Trifa Romanian-American Heritage Center“ held its annual General Assembly of its voting members.

The meeting was attended by an overwhelming majority of the voting members (64 of a 71 existing votes), in person or by proxy.

The General Assembly debated the main issues that confronted the Heritage Center during the last year, adopted its budget (bare bones one) and debated projects for the future. It was reported that in 2006 the „Valerian D. Trifa Romanian-American Heritage Center“ was issued the „Award for Excellency“ by the „Asociaţia Romana pentru Patrimoniu“ (The Romanian Association for Patrimony) of Bucharest.

The President, Archdeacon David Oancea and the Historian, Mr. Alexandra Nemoianu, presented their respective activities. In the reports there were mentioned, among other facts, the better relations between the Heritage Center and the „Valerian D. Trifa trust,“ the fact that the last annual appeal for support; October 2006, had an outstanding good response (compared with the previous year), the increase of the Heritage Center’ collections, the publication of the Historian’s new book. In his comments, His Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel emphasized the importance of the Heritage Center, the increased quality of its publication, the „Information Bulletin,“ and the fact that there exists a very positive work relation and very positive atmosphere inside the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the institution.

Mr. John Santeiu presented the report of the Financial Committee and a report regarding the very positive evolution of the Heritage Center’s Merrill Lynch account, its main source of income.

The assembly elected the same Board of Trustees for the next term.

The members debated and recommended the creation of a web page of the Heritage Center and the search for possibilities to organize, in the future, a one day „symposium“ (on a topic or topics relevant to the Romanian-American community) at the Heritage Center.

The assembly thanked and expressed gratitude to the officers for their good work.


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